Have you seen something you liked but are unsure it will fit or suit you perfectly? No worries! You now have 15 days to decide if to keep it or send it back.

Thanks to our premium pick-up service we will collect the item at your doorstep, or at any other address you like. You don’t even have to call the courier and wait on the phone to schedule your pick-up! You will be able to do it online on our website and in no time.

Our new online refund procedure is smooth, stress-free and takes less than a minute to complete. Additionally, your return shipment will be EXPRESS from any country in the world, so that you will be refunded even faster.

If you prefer to exchange your item or look for something else, you may also opt for a store credit. You can use it right away and we will start processing your new order while your return reaches our warehouse.

Please note that returns of "Last Call" Offers are not free of charge.